Omnia mutantur, nihil interi

Omnia mutantur, nihil interi

BY Daniel Garrett

I am damned
we are all damned

but that is not a bad thing

it is the cocoon from which
blessings emerge

all this well-armed hate
will burn away someday
leaving us naked
rutting in the sand

not in some fevered lust
but in the golden hush of love
the only thing there really is
that’s strong enough to erode
the sickness of the damned
the sickness that keeps us all apart

not Covid
but what Ovid spoke of when he said
“Omnia mutantur, nihil interit”
it’s those who cannot change
who will not last
so what then will you change into?
and what of your loving being
will still persist?

you may think that beach
is far away
but you already stand upon it
the sands are slipping though your toes
as the tide recedes

pull your loves
close about you now
not tomorrow
not at the close of some distant day
resistance is futile
acceptance will give you wings
and the strength
to walk forever

for beyond sunrise
there is another sunrise

and flying is still best
left to the wind